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Biography: Peggy Maze Johnson

Peggy Maze Johnson has spent over thirty years in the public arena. As Executive Director of Neighbors in Need in the State of Washington she directed the first system of food banks in the country, operating facilities in 19 counties of the state. She traveled extensively to other areas consulting about the establishment of food bank systems and the kind of systemic change agenda needed to put an end to this kind of demeaning program in a "land of plenty". She took this agenda into the legislative arena as a candidate and then as an organizer and professional political consultant  (from running campaigns to field director and fundraising director). She has worked on political races from city council races to a presidential race with a foray into a political race in Ireland.

Other accomplishments include: Legislative Assistant for a Member of Congress; Community Services Director for Seattle Indian Center; Political Organizer for American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees; Consultant for the Department of Social & Health Services, State of Washington in the areas of Mental Health Services and Food Stamp Outreach; Lobbyist for low-income people and clients of mental health services; Licensed Real Estate Agent and an owner of a small business (general contractor). Ms. Johnson has been active in community affairs in every community where she has resided. She currently serves on the Executive Committee for the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada.

Awards: Matrix Table Honoree, Seattle Women in Communications; Distinguished Washington Citizen; received Presidential Letter of Commendation.

Contributor of many articles on low income issues.

Ms. Johnson has been Executive Director of Citizen Alert since April, 2002.


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