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Who We Are & What We Do
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John Hadder answering questions at a Billinghurst Middle School classroom.

John Hadder answering questions in a classroom, 2003

Who We Are

Citizen Alert is a statewide multi-issue organization which works for public participation and government accountability in issues of concern to Nevadans.

We were founded in 1975 in response to the government's plan to dump high-level nuclear waste in Nevada. We first gained national attention in the early 80's for our successful efforts to stop the deployment of the MX-Missile. In the years since then, we have taken on a range of local and national military, nuclear, and environmental issues as they affect our region. Today we remain one of Nevada's few sources of independent, critical and comprehensive information about problems vital to Nevada and its residents.

Focusing primarily on the Great Basin region, Citizen Alert offers information, education and leadership on matters which affect people all across the country.

A major portion of our current efforts focus on fighting the proposed nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain. Find out more on our Yucca Mountain information pages.

What We Can Do

Mock nuclear waste cask.

At Citizen Alert, we are guided by the needs and concerns of our members and the general public in determining what issues we will work on.

When called to action, we can:

  • Organize town meetings throughout the state to identify issues of concern to you and your neighbors
  • Offer assistance to local citizen groups in getting started, organizing, and creating successful strategies for effective action
  • Monitor, analyze, and publicize state, regional, and federal legislation and policy decisions
  • Represent and defend the rights and interests of Nevadans in testimony before local, state and national forums
  • Promote communication among affected constituencies in an effort to build wide-ranging coalitions
  • Link our own state citizen action to that of similar groups in other Western states and across the nation
  • Provide training sessions in skills needed to make citizen action more effective

For more information, please contact us.

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