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Journal written by Citizen Alert volunteer Jason Halprin.

No Radioactive Roads or Rails Tour
Northwest Journal
Day 1 - May 27, 2002

Preparing the Mock Cask

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Two days before leaving with the cask, John Hadder and Jason Halprin evaluate the task of preparing the cask.

John Hadder and Jason Halprin prepare for the task.
Staff and volunteers giving mock cask fresh coat of paint.

Volunteers and staff work to give the mock nuclear waste cask a fresh coat of paint.

Volunteers and staff refresh the painted details on the mock cask.

Staff and volunteers painting details on mock cask.

May 27

The cask on the road at sunset.

Left Reno about 6:00pm on 5/27. Arrived in Burney Falls, CA late that evening. Prior to leaving Reno, and one of the reasons we left that late (we expected to leave by noon), was that it took much longer to pack the truck than previously anticipated, we had to deal with passers by and the media, and we needed to fix a busted tire on the trailer but were pulled over by an ambulance in the process.  After all that, we finally got out of Reno.
We spent the night in Burney Falls, CA at a state park there. We avoided paying for anything because we arrived too late and left too early. Towing the cask.


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